Our paper is Editor’s Choice in Journal of Ecology

Our paper on evolutionary priority effects in New Zealand forests has been selected as the Editor’s Choice article in the upcoming issue of Journal of Ecology — the editors wrote this great blog post summarising our findings and the implications for our understanding of ecological communities. And one of my co-authors and one of our lab’s PhD students kindly supplied me with useful (and attractive!) photos to include in the blog post.

Who is a woman in science?

What do women scientists look like? In what fields do they work?

To answer these questions, one of the organisers of last’s month’s Association for Women in the Sciences conference in Wellington, NZ, asked all the conference attendees to participate in a short video project. The video has now been edited and posted to YouTube so I thought I’d share it here, too. (And be sure to pay attention at 0:51 for a cameo by yours truly!)

Who is a woman in science?