AWIS 2014 conference in Wellington

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the triennial conference of the Association for Women in the Sciences in NZ, held this year at Victoria University of Wellington. In addition to giving a 20/20 Science Snapshot of my post-doc research project exploring the role of evolutionary priority effects on contemporary plant community structure, I was excited to hear from a variety of amazing women scientists¬†about both their science and their experiences being a woman in science, both in NZ and throughout the world. (Not too surprisingly, there were many nationalities represented at this conference, as one would see throughout NZ.) Both qualitatively and quantitatively, the conference speakers demonstrated that we have made much progress toward a more equitable science system, but that we still have a ways to go before we attain that goal. Several speakers provided constructive suggestions as well, such as nominating more women for awards and fellowships (which I’ve seen suggested by multiple science bloggers as well). All in all, the conference was a great opportunity to meet many impressive fellow women scientists from all disciplines and across NZ.


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